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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Technical Offer writing

It is so Important for a technical presales Engineer to be able to write a well organized, good looking and realistic Technical Offer and here are some steps to write down a professional and elegant technical offer.

First of all the Process of writing a technical offer goes through Seven main steps:

  • Discover client Environment
  • Choose Products and/ or Services
  • Choose your team
  • Design the framework
  • Plan the Recourses
  • Write the Technical Offer
  • Review

Discover client Environment

In this phase you have to read carefully all client documents related to RFP (request for proposal)

Try to know every thing about the client environment starting from

1- The Customer Business and how it will be affected by this operation

2- Why the Customer Issued This RFP

3- The Project Estimated Budget

4- Current Operating Systems for both Servers and Clients Workstations

5- Current used Business Applications

6- Current Infrastructure Services (DNS, DHCP...)

7- Current DBMS, Mailing Services and so on.

8- The number and qualifications of client IT Staff